Beauty from the Inside

In our previous article we looked at the role and importance of the Diet in skin health. What to avoid and what is recommended. In this article we are going to look at how to fill your shopping basket, and keep in line with the major trends of Beauty from the Inside.

Trends today are convenience driven. Due to busier lifestyles, more availability of different convenience options. So how do we ensure we get the right mix and amount of quality foods into our diets?

Here are just some suggestions.

  • Plan your shopping basket as if its a basket of beauty! It is essential so that you have the right quantity and quality of foods, in order to use them as fresh as possible. Know what nutrients your foods contain, so that you can incorporate them into your diet, and supplement if the nutrients are not available in the foods. Preparing one meal takes about the same amount of time as preparing 3 meals, so try multi-task and pre-prepare a few smoothies and or salads at one time.
  • Juicing is excellent for raw vegetables & fruits. Packed with all the goodness of the foods. Just ensure that you do not use too much fruit, that can imbalance the sugar levels, or create too much acidity in the body. More information and some yummy recipes to follow in the coming weeks.
  • Smoothies : for the base of the smoothie, instead of using dairy, use some nuts or seeds soaked overnight in some water and lemon juice. Blend for a few minutes, then add your selection of vegetables, such as cucumber, beetroot, carrots, and sprouts (excellent protein and nourishment –  you can sprout your own at home), and 1 or 2 fruits.
  • Salads – raw vegetables are the best, and what a good way to incorporate all your vegetables, peppers, and you could even use sprouts, nuts, seeds, and if you need a dressing, go as healthy as possible with olive or flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar. Top with some fresh herbs such as parsley, rocket, coriander which all have awesome flavour and health benefits. Avocado is known for it’s skin benefits. Fish oil for it’s high Omega 3 content.
  • Soups – the best for cold weather, and easy to incorporate lots of beans, and other vegetable and nutrient rich ingredients. Try to avoid the bread or toast (especially white!) and butter, especially in the evenings.

Many of these options make for easy addition of protein powders or collagen containing products. Like NucleoBeauty® Skin Food, which contains Collagen, Nucleotides, and Rooibos extract. Just add 1 scoop to your Juice or Smoothie, and enjoy!

Top 10 Consumer Perceptions of Beauty
% of Global Respondents (source : Euromonitor)

The Consumers perception of beauty from the inside.

The consumer is getting more aware of perceptions of beauty from the inside. At the same time in our fast paced lives there are often insufficient time to prepare healthy meals. Even more so while travelling.

The good news is that one can obtain healthy skin by eating certain foods and beverages. Often referred to as Beauty Foods or Beauty Beverages.

New products launched has increased dramatically over the years. It has provided huge business opportunities for manufacturers of Foods and Cosmetics.

Although these foods are fortified with ingredients to enhance beauty from within, there are other factors, to take into consideration. Such as the sugar content, ‘white’/refined ingredient content and acid/alkaline value. What a mindfield!

The beauty supplement market.

The Beauty Supplement market is also a fast growing market. The forecast in 2017 was that the US beauty supplement market would grow from USD 4,119 mil to USD 9,322 million by 2026!! Numerous factors such as consumer awareness and demand are driving the growth of the market. Globally it is expected that by 2026 the beauty supplement market will be around USD 52 billion to USD 69 billion.

NucleoBeauty® Capsules provide an easy and convenient capsule format, containing Nucleotides, Vitamin C, and Green Tea extract (caffeine free).

In our next article, we will take a closer look at what Ingredients are important for the Skin, and for which aspect of Skin health, such as UV protection, Skin hydration / barrier function, and Skin regeneration.

Skin Food to assist with beauty from the inside

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